Create your MDAH Event

How to create and Host a MDAH event


One of the core purposes of the MDAH organization is setting up social events. These events bring kids and dads together, dads together known as a Dads Night Out (DNO), or whole families. We encourage all MDAH members to consider hosting events and providing ideas for events that they would like to attend. This document provides some helpful guidance for MDAH member to host events.


1.       Conceive the idea for the event.

2.       If possible, try to get some buy-in from other dads to validate interest in the event.

3.       Send an e-mail with event details to for setup of the website info:

4.       Consider including the following information:

A.        Descriptive title of event

B.        Event type (dads and kids, dads only, families)

C.        Date and time of event

D.        Location (including address and specific details of meeting location or instructions, if necessary)

E.        Cost of event and note if an advanced payment is required

F.        Detailed description of event

G.        Your name and physical description so others can identify you “I will be wearing the red Twins ball cap.”

5.       Board member will setup website info.

A.        Calendar entry

B.         Post for “What’s New at MDAH” section of the web site

6.       Member should post to the Forum to generate interest in the event and direct members to the info in the Calendar page of

7.       Attend the event and write a brief summary of the event in the forum, including:

A.        How many members attended the event

B.        Pictures

C.        General impressions of the venue


With your ideas and input to the board and forum MDAH can be an organization that helps kids and dads to play and learn.

Thank You,

MDAH Board