The Schubert Club Museum

The Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul is home to four different museums. The Schubert Club Museum is a hands-on museum experience children love because of the many instruments from around the world. Kids will find several hands-on related musical activities at the museum. The Music Evolves exhibit has panels with different instruments on them. When the kids touch the panels a version of Twinkle Little Star is produced. A different panel produces a classic piece of music from the time the instrument was invented giving a history of music.

Another music room, The Gamelan Music Room, with a collection of gongs, kettles, and tuned metal bars gives children the opportunity to strike instruments of immense size to feel powerful vibrations. There is also a cool video of these instruments being played by a professional orchestra for motivating and inspiring the next Schubert of their day.

Finally visit the “Try it!” room where your kids can make their own musical instruments. Admission is free but donations are welcome

Where: 75 W. 5th St. St. Paul, 55102

When: Sunday – Friday 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm

Enjoy the music!